How Covid19 changed Sponsoring Business and how up-to-date Data helps Clubs to survive

September 4th

11.00 to 12.00

Which industry, brand or partner were hit by this crisis and how hard? By understanding the impact of Covid19 on the football business and your sponsors you will not just get a full picture but also be able to build a partnership-strategy based on facts. As we have holistic data available on an exact monthly basis, we notice massive effects in our data-set for both: football clubs and brands.

Note: Our industry clients appreciate, that up-to-date consumer-data is available handy, without having to conduct a new, elaborate market research study. You, as a football club could and should profit from it as well.

In our masterclass we showcase how our AI-driven platform RASCASSE ANALYTICS analyses current behavior and interests of football fans and sponsors.

The goal of our Masterclass is to showcase on how you
  • establish a new line of arguments for your partners
  • improve your negotiating position
  • identify new partners
by proving a deep understanding of how to manage the current situation.

Up to 9 attendees can join the masterclass with audio and video. Up to 500 can join watching. First come, first served.



Ralf Rattay

Chief Product Officer (CPO), Rascasse

Sandra Kröger

CEO, Rascasse