Beginner’s Guide to Football Audio Branding

September 4th

14.30 to 15.30

Sound is a vital part of the football experience – we notice it even more so now that the stadiums are empty. When the powerful roar of chanting fans is missing, the atmosphere in the stadium just isn't the same. But are the fans the only ones responsible for creating the sound of football?

Every club has its own unique brand; every club has a history and a story to tell. Our job at WESOUND is to take these stories and translate them into exciting acoustic experiences. A custom brand sound gives football brands the chance to communicate with the audience and the fans across all touchpoints - in-app, on the web, on club TV, on YouTube, in podcasts, through in-stadium announcements, etc. The implementation opportunities are endless. If you've been focusing on your visual identity only, you're missing out on the potential of what your very own sound identity can do for your brand.

Join us on September 4th as Senior Consultant at WESOUND - Valentin Keil takes you through a Beginner's Guide to Football Audio Branding. In our Audio Branding Masterclass, Valentin will show you how to develop a sound identity for a football brand.

Up to 9 attendees can join the masterclass with audio and video. Up to 500 can join watching. First come, first served.



Valentin Keil

Senior Consultant, WESOUND