eSports Workshops

How to start your eSports Business

Possible integration of esports in football clubs and businesses

Esports experiences a new revival – especially in Europe it is becoming especially popular these days. Nevertheless, how can companies and classic sport clubs be integrated in the current rising of the market? Possible starting points and best practice examples are going to be covered in this workshop.


  • eSport – esports – E-Sport: General information, most important platforms and popular game titles
    The esports market is flexible and changing rapidly. Game titles which are currently booming may vanish in a few years. Teams and pro gamers may not be as consistent as top-performers from the classic sports field. In this first stage of the workshop a general overview will be provided, serving as a basis for a possible start into esports.
  • Possible starting points
    Tournament hosting, founding an esports league, an own team, sponsoring – there are numerous possibilities to build up a business in esports. In this workshop-block some concepts are going to be presented and compared to best practice examples.
  • Practice
    Small groups, each having an individual task, will be formed. The goal is to come up with a brief concept for the given task. They should also feature short marketing plans and a rough cost assumption. Each group will present their concept afterwards.

Keyfacts about the workshop

  • The workshop is free you only need a ticket for the conference
  • The workshop starts at 2PM and lasts until 3.30PM
  • The workshop is limited to 25 participants
  • You can register by sending an e-mail to office[at] or by checking the button when you order a ticket for the conference at
  • You can register until Thursday, 30th of August