About the Conference

FUTURE OF FOOTBALLBUSINESS is the conference for digitization and innovation in footballbusiness.

The footballbusiness is changing. Clubs are becoming global brands or media companies. OTT and video on demand is disrupting the football consumption. Digitization changes how clubs work. New generations need to be enthused by football – with new ideas of fan-engagement, with eSports, individual content or outstanding stadium experiences. And data is everything.

The FUTURE OF FOOTBALLBUSINESS-Conference dives into these topics. Experts from clubs and economy present their best practices or learnings and discuss how to handle those changes and to use emerging opportunities. Additionally, masterclasses held by international experts will allow deeper examinations of the material to be made. A networking-evening in a relaxing atmosphere will complete the day.

What to expect?

A full day of insights from footballbusiness-experts coming from all across Europe, designed for knowledge-transfer and networking, discussing and gaining new perspectives. FUTURE OF FOOTBALLBUSINESS is a conference for all people working in or seeking new opportunities in the footballbusiness, for experts and young professionals, for club delegates, company representatives and sportsbusiness students. A place to get know-how, new contacts and innovative visions for up to 300 attendees from the footballbusiness.

  • 10am to 18pm: Presentations, Q&As, masterclasses, case studies and more.
  • 18pm to 21pm: After-Conference-Networking with free beer and wine. It's networking-time.

Who is organizing the conference?

FOOTBALL BUSINESS INSIDE, the company behind the FUSSBALL BUSINESS Magazine, the "Footballbusiness News"-Newsletter and the Big Data in Football-Conference, founded and run by Thomas Maurer.